Free and discreet evaluations

Free evaluations of art works, antiquities, coins and medals, Jewels, silver and watches, collector’s items.
Do you own paintings, sculptures, art works, antiquities, coins or medals and thinking of selling them? The first step is to ascertain their value by contacting our experts.
In order to make a preliminary free and discreet evaluation we require the following:
• photo of the front and back and of any signatures or trademarks;
• size and material of item;
• any information concerning the history of such item/s specifying how and when you acquired the same;
• copy of any publication /expert report or valuation made.

Evaluations and drafting expert reports

Our specialists prepare expert reports as well. The cost of this service varies according to the complexity of the consultancy requested.
employing the latest techniques and equipment for examining and assessing numismatic objects of interest.
The diagnostic service is carried out with leading Italian laboratories and research entities, first and foremost the Department of Chemical, Material and Environmental Engineering of La Sapienza University in Rome, using increasengly sophisticated investigative techniques and equipment.
The service enables:
• to provide information on artifact timeline and place of origin through dating and authentication latest methods.
• To assess the real state of degradation, meaning not only the alteration perceptible to the eye, but also the microstructure of materials.
• To lay the foundation for the application of a correct methodology of restoration thanks to a deepe level of understanding of the nature of the god and its preservation conditions.

The estimate is free and offers the customer the opportunity to choose between different courses of action. The wide choice can satisfy every type of need-to-know.


For valuations you can contact the heads of departments

• Coins, Medals and Antiquities

• Ancient Art (paintings, sculptures and drawings produced between the Middle Ages and the early nineteenth century)

• Modern and Contemporary Art

• Jewellery and precious stones