Photography Department

Buying and selling collectible photographs in auctions or private sales – Free valuations and expert reports of photographic images from the 19th century to the present day.
A38 - Photography Auction

Modern & Contemporary Art, Graphics and Multipliers, Photography, Design and Decorative Arts of 20th Century

Auction: 21-22 November 2017


Photography Department

Led by Diego Mormorio, the Department retraces the short, but intense history of photography dealing with images taken with the ancient and modern techniques of photographic reproduction: from daguerreotypes to digital photographs of the contemporary era.

Pictorialism from the end of the 19th century and Modernism, post-war and contemporary photography: the great seasons that have marked the path of an art that is still very young are the protagonists of a research that is interested in plotting the photographic language in all its forms. All the collectable sectors strands are looked at with interest, from photojournalism to art photography, from architectural photography to naturalistic and fashion photography, from great classics to contemporary experiments.

The primary tasks of the department include analysing, classifying, providing valuations and placing on the Italian and foreign markets works of art on consignment, both for auctioning and for private sale. Private sales are especially suited for items of considerable economic, historical and artistic value.

At the same time, the department provides a specialised expert report service

The department also offers a wide selection of photographs across all price brackets that can be bought independently of our auctions.

Diego Mormorio is a historian, critic and theorist of photography. Alongside the research activity he teaches the history of photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.
He is the author of numerous books, including:

Gli scrittori e la fotografia (Editori Riuniti, 1988), Storia della fotografia (Newton Compton, 1996), Paesaggi italiani del ‘900 (Motta e Actes Sud, 1996), Un’altra lontananza (Sellerio, 1997), Tazio Secchiaroli. Dalla Dolce Vita ai miti del set (Motta-Alinari, Actes Sud, Te Neues, Abrams, 1998-1999), Vestiti (Laterza, 1999), Paesaggi italiani dell’800 (Motta-Alinari, Actes Sud, 2000), La Regina nuda. Delazioni e congiure nella Roma dell’ultimo papa re (Il Saggiatore, 2006), Meditazione e fotografia. Vedendo e ascoltando passare l’attimo (Contrasto, 2008), Catturare il tempo (Postcart, 2011), Roma Ottocento nelle fotografie dell’epoca (Newton Compton, 2012), Scrittori e fotografia I. Un magnifico inizio.1840-1870 (Postcart, 2013), Scrittori e fotografia II. Lewis Carrol scrittore e fotografo (Postcart 2014) .